About Us

Mission and Vision

To be the best kids clown and show in the world!

A life journey brings Vadik Raketa in front of the best audience, the children of the world who can see, hear and touch a brilliant man’s internal energy performed as a kid’s clown dancing with a bear

Purpose of Vadik’s art

It is a personal story of survival and dreams, it is the result of a life wanting to find something that brings joy to the world of kids.

Combining Vadik’s talent for dance and his natural ability to entertain children resulted in his creation of Vadik Raketa. Exciting, explosive and emotional character in the form of a kid’s clown that entertains all kids young and old towards him.

The purpose of Vadik Raketa is to give all kids happiness. It is a mission larger than Vadik ever imagined and Vadik is often challenged by all of world’s problems.

During Vadik’s childhood, a teddy bear is all he ever wanted but he could never afford such a toy bear to call his own. This memory still strong which influenced Vadik to make his new creation of “Vadik and the Bears” a giant bear show with Vadik in the middle. It is symbolic of the friendship and family that bears can bring to a child, even if they are soft toys.