Kids Charity

Charity for children of Belarus by Vadik Raketa

Vadik does charity activities for children with special needs. He often visits children’s hospitals to cheer up everyone, provides many children’s shows every week at several events around Belarus. Being the most popular kids clown means Vadik is running around to several events everyday.

Vadik has a wish that with the success of his shows, he can do more for the children he cares about most. These are the children with special needs.

i6pHYoy9GAYRecently this Belarusian girl Jana Guerin who is 8 years old posted on social media that she has never had a birthday party. Vadik and his wife put their Kids Hall play center into action and provided to Jana the most memorable birthday ever.

Jana has second degree spinal-muscular amyotrophy. The disease is incurable and terminal. Her parents like many in Belarus are unable to pay for specialist medical care needed to give Jana proper treatment and a better quality of life. Often for such children, the medical specialists are only available overseas in countries like Germany and for most without the money, such care is considered some kind of miracle if it were to ever happen.

On 15th of June 2016, Jana had her birthday party wish come true. Vadik Raketa, his wife and friends gave everything they could to make Jana’s happy birthday.

If you reading this are in the position to assist in any way, support, sponsor such children of special needs, please contact Vadik Raketa as he is always happy to hear there are others out there who can help.