From stripper to kids clown, Vadim “Rocket” Raketa clown’s career and family values

Girls will understand. Especially those girls are slightly over 30. Remember how at the turn of the Millennium none of the normal event, wherever it is conducted, and no serious corporate party is not complete without a male dance show with elements of Striptease “Сandyman”. It was beautiful, fluid and… funny.
Now the team have been working for other young guys. But something was missing. Not enough playful little boy, which was enough to make “big eyes” — and all began to laugh. Not to mention the extraordinary plasticity, charisma and charm this guy.
And recently I met Vadim in the image of funny clown at a children’s party. It turned out that he is no longer dancing a Striptease. And working with children. Under the code name “Vadik-Rocket”. For brunch at the Renaissance hotel, we he talked about a clown career, family values and fun the past.

About men’s shows with elements of Striptease and ballet

— Vadim, why “Rocket”? Why the alias?
— I’m probably the most energetic, funniest and the most reactive in this city. Invented a pseudonym for himself when he began to work with children. First was a “Gimmick”, but then I realized that children have a hard time to pronounce the word. And adults hard, to say nothing. Well, it is unclear what the “Gimmick”. A nickname must characterize the person. So I became a Rocket is the word fully reflects my character. Yes, and easier to remember.
– Is a nickname for recently appeared?
— Two years ago.
— I’m sorry, but I know more than you, not as “he-Rocket”, but as “Vadim — Сandyman”. Maybe because of my age. I don’t remember any of the normal activities at the dawn of the new Millennium, where there would be Candy man — hot muscular guys, which amused the audience and tore off his… everything, well, almost everything…
We have never positioned themselves as strippers…
I never said that.
— Men’s dance show with elements of Striptease — here’s how. We just made a product that sold well because it was a commercial project: it wanted to make money… Well, and the most interesting we have. I “Candyman” gave 20 years of his life…
— 20 years? Well this is how much you started?
— At the age of 14 I started training, and at 15 I was first came on the scene. At that age I was pretty independent. At that time the project “Candyman” already existed and consisted of two people — Sasha (Madon. — Approx. author) and Vani. I first created the team, but soon almost all of my partners went into the army, and I had to think of something. I called Sasha and said, “let’s work together”… after a week we began to work together, the team quickly began to gain popularity…
— Well, you’re there to perform a role I’m sorry, this “clown”?..
— Yes! What people are missing most? Bread and circuses, as you know. What people love the most? Laugh! In fact, just a beautiful male body — it is not interesting. It can be at home to see if you’re lucky. We did a show, so that was nice, and funny. First, actually, we had just a dance show. But when we added the elements of Striptease, the popularity and, consequently, orders increased many times!..
And started a real life!..
— Yes! A lot of work on stage, work, training, rehearsals…
— Probably, I have yet to care for themselves ” ladies…
— Of course! All treatments that the body was beautiful and smooth. For the dancer and for the dancer who removes clothes, is very important. As I remember!
— All around you has always been a lot of young girls. Not only near the stage, but probably in the dressing room?
— I wouldn’t say that. Education was quite different. To flirt, to show off their smiles — Yes. But not anymore. Of course, it was different. But, as a rule, no indecent and compromising actions we tried not to do. Especially in relation to girls.
— Vadim, what’s the story with the show “Ukraine’s got talent”? How did you manage to get there?
— Yes, it was a beautiful story. Not that we wanted to get there, and we were invited. We have a room “Ballerina”, where we dance classical ballet in tutus. Very funny and at the same time, a complex number. We arrived — made it a sensation smashed all to smithereens. There were 5 of us and we reached the final. In the end we arrived with a room ready, but we were asked to do another on the basis of the cartoon where the heroes were sparrows and pigeons. In the end this room to the public are not logged in, moreover, we also “Cocks” called… our beautiful “leaked”, but my moment of shame that is glory, we got… (Laughs).
— What were the contests in a professional career?
We won all the competitions of Striptease in Europe and not only — they had about 10, if not more. Latvia, Finland, Thailand… Equal to us simply did not exist!
— And now that the project is “Candyman” exist?
— Of course, now there are young guys 18 and 19 years…
— Ay, you there, this is not the “Candyman”. I think this project was kept on the identity of the participants. They have a different name.
You’re probably right. So we decided to make a new project. We decided to return!
Yeah And what would it be?
— We will be called “Real boys” is a dance-project with elements of Striptease, but funny chips. Well what now I now a stripper? (Laughs.) It will be very soon! And already have orders. Everyone wants Vadik…
— So what I’m saying. It turns out that all you held? You and Sasha?
Yes. Sasha is actually almost the only person with whom I can work in terms of choreography…
— Do you have special education?
— Yes, of course. Choreographic. I am a choreographer by profession, graduated from the Minsk state College of arts. Yes, do not be surprised, I’m a professional ballet dancer — ballet dancer…
— With this growth?
I jump high. And when he studied and worked in the ballet, I always put the party because I was a daredevil. Need flip? Vadik, let’s flip! Need Arabian Salto? Vadim, come here, you have the Arab flip! Should girls wear? Vadim, come here, need support to do it!..
Wow! And how much you lift pounds?
“Don’t worry, I’ll even raise you! I’m actually a two-time champion of Belarus in fitness. For the competition I was preparing our Belarusian bodybuilder and part-time my godfather Alex Shabunya…

About family values, marriage longest in 16 years and Konstantin Raikin

— Yes, you can direct some all perfect! Someone’s got a man?
— Of course! I have been married for 16 years. The girl I met in 18 years. She is older than me for 4 years. Now, of course the difference is not noticeable. And when I am 18, and her 22 — it was obvious. We really wanted children, but 10 years did not work. Did the 4 IVF all to no avail. Well, not gave the Lord, and all here! And then I opened a children’s dance Studio, gathered the kids, and after some time took them to the Olympics in Moscow. Came back from the Olympics and my wife says, “I’m pregnant”. And without any ECHO. That is what it means to start to give myself to children! Now I have two girls 3 and 6 years of age: Daniel and Emilia…
And you then launched into a “child theme”?
Yes. At night work was not possible. It’s hard. Better to have 7-8 performances per day. Then at night you sleep, and a day to do business. While there is still time for a family.
— And you went to the clowns?
Once I was just invited to conduct a children’s event. I am very much afraid, worried, but it worked! When you make a sharp turn in life, is always risky and scary. But after the first event, the people came and ordered three more birthday during the year. And I began to understand what could be doing this seriously. I came up with the image, began to sew costumes, work and develop in this direction.
— Yeah, just another image turned out. Although, of course, that there is something in common between Vadik “Rocket” and Vadik of “Candyman”…
Well, I’m a little. That’s probably why, anyway, remain in the image, funny boy. I now work in a pair with another clown. His name is “Pencil” is a nickname I got one. In fact, everything related to clown-themed, especially the old clown school, I was interested in long ago. By the way, I personally acquainted with Konstantin Raikin. I happened to be in Moscow with him in the same company. Here we sit at the table, and he said, “Look, you’re on me like that.” I said, “Konstantin Arkadievich, I’m a fan of your talent. You are a unique person!”. And he said, “come on, come on! What do you I sing praises, let’s have a drink”. It is a pity that then it was not a selfie…
— You really like him…
— Yes, something there. That’s probably why I started to develop a funny direction. I really wanted to do something unique, not like all the rest. Now I work mainly with children from 3-4 years. Very young my way might seem daunting.
And adults birthdays you spend?
Yes, that too has recently been an interesting experience. Invited to the prom 11. It was a little scary — it’s not the children. I’m a king freestyle — don’t like to pre-write the script and plan… the Customer booked the event for six months and everyone was worried that something may be wrong. We arrived there after three concerts with the thought: “What to do with them? Oh well, as always!”. In the end, both children and parents were ecstatic — by the way, one mother even wrote, which have touched me deeply.
— Maybe you’re in the lead perekvalifitsiruetsya? Weddings, corporate events?
— But this I would not want to. I like to work with children and have a schedule to be able to spend time with his family. Recently even had an offer to work in the circus — I refused, because the values are now quite different…
— And imagine how cool it would be: “where’s your dad work? — In the circus!”
When my older daughter asked, “what does your dad work?”, and so it says: “Vadik Rocket!”. So everything is fine!
– I heard that you recently opened the children’s center?
— You know everything! I worked for some time in a large children’s entertainment center. A lot of things going on, began to raise the school… But it did not work with management. And my wife thought, “why don’t we do something?”. So in July we opened our entertainment center Kids Hall. There is no pathos and glamor. We’re just making sure the children had fun, comfortable and safe. And so they want to come to us again and again!
– What, in your opinion, the most important thing in life?
I am confident that the most important thing is health. Why love and money, when there is no health. Therefore, it is necessary to protect themselves. Take care of yourself! And all will be well!
Photo: Yulia Matskevich
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