Simon Cowell May 2016 “You are my favourite act,”

That was incredible… In eight months time Eric is going to have his eighth birthday party and you are booked.”

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JIt was a nice summers day. Vadik Raketa and his bear turned up at 16:00 on time at the park near to our home. We have been quietly excited anticipating his arrival for all our friends and guests to be entertained. I had recently seen his performances in Dream Land and Nemiga and was very impressed with his ability to give so much energy to make all children young and old as well as their parents excited, happy and entertained.



Larisa Kozik 2015 & 21.07.2016

2Vadik Raketa – is a man who creates happy mood for everybody! For children and adults! We were guests at the Day of the first-grader in 2015, who organized our friends in the last year, and recently on July 21st 2016 at Birthday party of 8 y.o. boy.

Both events left the warmest memories. Vadik – is a bright leader, who can inspire a lot of children for a long time. And the children are so “in the process” – hunting for a treasure, hiding, playing football, fighting inflatable bats, busy with preparing soap in workshop, learning English and modern dances. Children came to parents only to have a drink and a snack in a hurry and after plunged into the games again.

Parents almost did not see children for the rest of the day. Children were in joy and positive emotions, because Vadik can make them laugh and cheer. Attentive to the children’s emotions, he notices every little thing. During master class on soap daughter in a hurry accidentally filled the wrong color layer. She is attentive to detail and was very upset and  cried. Vadim was also incredibly upset when it happened. On his face was so much horror, so much empathy that our daughter almost herself started to . And then happy “in the wings” rushed to play again.

1It is with respect for the children to their requests. It is captivating. I noticed that he first interacts differently with a child, trying to find than a child may be interested in what he will respond. It adapts to the child emotionally. Children respond, open, and immediately perceive it as a best friend, comfortable feel.

1On remembered children. Our children are a year later recall Vadik Rocket 🙂 At the birthday party were polar bears. It’s amazing! Unusually, the original! Fun and children and adults. Parents with happy smiles all strove to touch the bears for their charming leather noses. It was a feast for all! Vadik always in the way. The holiday style, with the right entourage, with attention to detail in clothing. At the bottom of the first-grader they were and red tie with a white shirt and dark shorts, and the pioneer horn, chants and school slogans. This total immersion in the image sets the overall mood of the holiday.

And I want to point out that through games and workshops Vadik helps children quite unobtrusively find your interest. After the holidays, I heard a discussion festive day of children with parents and our children shared with us his impressions. And often heard these children’s emotional requests: “I liked the dancing and I want to ask the phone Vadik guys who were dancing I want them to learn!!!!” Or the neighbor’s little girl asked her mother to buy her book and kits to make soap at home. Vadik through games and workshops introduces children to new, carries them. It’s great!!!

Jeanne Bondarev 29.04.2016 8 year old Anastasia Party!

13942466_1744298452475033_245287805_nThe girl is sociable, so the DR 17 children aged 3 to 9 years old were invited. Holiday Kids decided to celebrate in the lobby, and do not regret it for a minute! The atmosphere was created amazing, the children participated in competitions, dancing, playing a soft zone, singing and having fun from the heart! All this thanks to Vadik and Lilechka!13956885_1744298515808360_73943428_n The next day, the parents called and thanked for the festival, which, according to the children, was the best!



Dinara Vorontsov 23.05.2015

13876628_910864342375668_2162847540754104354_nOn the 23rd of May 2015 we invited Vadik Raketa for the birthday of our daughter. All was a delight! Our children knew no bounds! Dancing, games, explosion of emotions, laughter! Even today our children are still talking about this event. Now at every event, we must have Vadik Raketa and his company of friends. He is the best, most kindest kids clown! We fully support him and his good work! Family Vorontsov.

3rd of July 2015.I am pleased to have discovered the Kids Hall venue for the birthday of our niece.  The most fun and friendly atmosphere not found nowhere else in Minsk! All with the soul and warmth! We felt at home in the Kids Hall because here all children are happy. Programs always for all tastes and ages. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. We fully recommend!