Vadik Bio

Vadim Vanyukhov AKA Vadik Raketa


NSt6Dyj7cNMVadim Vanyukhov, born 1981 in Minsk Belarus. He was raised by his grandmother since he was 3 years old because Vadim’s parents were removed of parental rights due to neglect.

As a young child, Vadim loved playing football (soccer) very much and he had some success as a player in Minsk but due to problems with his legs he could not continue his sporting career as a football player.

In 1997, Vadim enrolled into Minsk State Art College department of choreography but unfortunately 3 years later, Vadim gave up his studies to look after his younger sister who is blind. Vadim’s sister needed an artificial eye operation and Vadim decided to work in Europe so he could earn enough money to pay for his sister’s eye operation.

When Vadim returned back to Minsk from Europe, he paid for his sister’s eye operation. The only carer in Vadim’s family during his early years was his grandmother who also suffered from diabetes. Due to this, Vadim had to work very hard to support his grandmother and sister.

When a grown up, Vadim’s sister led a hectic life and lived separate from her brother. So the relationship was a bit strained. Only now Vadim began to realize that for his younger sister psychologically it was much harder because she has lost her mother and father when she was a baby. Unfortunately, he could not always keep an eye on her. She died in 2015.

lnf0wQJ_sPUIn 2000, Vadim got married when he was 18 to his wife Lily. Together, they always dreamed about having children of their own. For 10 years they tried but Lily was unable to get pregnant. This has been a major problem for Vadim’s family. When Vadim started his own family, his grandmother became jealous of him, because she could not accept that her grandson was an adult and independent. It was terrible time for Vadim. One day during his tour in Russia he was told that his grandmother had died.

Vadim’s life is full of adventures, and his adventures began with a go-go championship among guys in Lithuania where Vadim took 2nd place. In 1996 a group was created called the Candymen dancing team of which Vadim took part.

In 2008 a Candymen team participated in the performance of Belarusian singer Djadja Vanya on international song contest in Jurmala, Latvia. There they got a special award from famous Russian singer – a star from Alla Pugacheva. After Urmala Candymen team  took part in the show “Ukrain has talents” and then in the show “Lithuania is looking for talents”.

1393665_1428461180715428_1307282741_nAlso in 2008 Vadim opened his own children’s dancing school and soon after this their first child was born. He and his wife gave birth to their daughter Vadim named Daniela. Coincidence or not, Vadim thought that this was a sign from a higher power and from that point onwards, working with children became his purpose and destiny.

1461832_1428461120715434_1069683851_nVadim’s work with children became essential part of his life and he started working as a clown as a character he created called “Vadik Raketa” as well as organizing many children activities.

During the year of 2012, Vadik Raketa organized around 4000 children’s activities in Belarus as well as places over the border.

The number of children’s activities continually increased reaching over 5000 in a year. Participation in various talent competitions exposed Vadim into new career opportunities. Recent participation in this year’s Britain’s got Talent brought much attention to Vadik and the Bears show.

Despite an active busy life there are some items that makes a happy father, clown and dancer Vadim sad – it is his parents, that live in Canada and with which he does not keep in touch. About them Vadik does not tell a lot. He just mentioned that if his father really wanted to see him and shake his son’s hand, he would have made it, but one day, his wife forbade him to communicate with Vadim. Nowadays Vadim is in good relationship with his stepsister, who lives Canada.

acX5gIdhQnEToday, Vadim and his wife Lily have two daughters Emilia 4 and Daniella 7. A year ago, Vadim and his wife Lily created a play center for children in Minsk called “Kids’ Hall” and is busy everyday with organizing activities for children such as birthday parties, charity events, and many more creative happy events for children.

Career timeline

1996 – 2015 CandyMen Minsk is a recognized leaders of dance movement in Belarus since 1996. The first club-dance group / pioneers of go-go movement in Belarus

2000 – GTZU “Youth Variety Theatre” Minsk ГТЗУ “Молодежный театр эстрады”

2013 – Ukraine’s Got Talent

2014 – Lithiania’s Got Talent

2015 – Kids’ Hall Minsk Current, play and entertainment centre for children

2016 – Britain’s Got Talent Vadik and the Bears Semi Finals