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Summary about the story

Is about a mystical journey of one brave boy Vadik from Minsk who travels to North Pole in search of his abducted parents by the evil wizard who controls the world for his own greedy needs.

One day Vadik and his parents were returning from visiting his sick grandmother who lives in the nearby village but on the drive back, the evil wizard caused a wild snow storm to push their car to lose control and hit into a tree.

It was very wild and violent storm and soon after the storm disappeared.

Vadik’s parents were gone without a trace and boy Vadik sitting in the rear seat did not know what had happened. He searched all around the car for his parents, but could not find them. In the front of the seat was left his mother’s neck lace  of pearls which was given to her by her grandmother.

Vadik took his mother’s necklace and returned back to his apartment alone. Walking in the dark night for many hours, confused and sad, boy Vadik did not know what to do or who to go to.

Tired and sore from the car accident, boy Vadik fell asleep still holding in his hand his mother’s pearl necklace.

During this night, boy Vadik had a dream and this dream he was sent a vision by the guardian angels.

The guardian angels sent him a message that his parents were held frozen in an ice block by the evil wizard at his fortress in the North Pole. This evil wizard takes good parents to make children orphans because in past time the wizard’s parents were killed in a car accident and he wants to make all the world sad like his own life.

They also told him that to save his parents, boy Vadik must unite all the snow creatures of Bears and penguins to help him on this quest to take the evil wizard and thaw out his parents from the ice block which is trapping them.

Brave Vadik packs all he needs into his backpack for his big journey to the North Pole and says goodbye to his toy friends in his room and departs.

Show Spectacular!

This show is spectacular show for children and people of all ages who enjoys magical adventure in their lives in a way only Vadik can share what is a reflection of his own real life adventures turned into show.

Featuring Vadik Raketa, the internationally famous kids clown from Minsk Belarus who has put together the most talented Belarusian dancers, magicians, light artists, Vadik combines his years of experience as a choreographer and dancer to present to the world his dream show about working hard to get your dreams and make it real.

Currently in development, Vadik and his close team is working very hard every day to see this show become real.

Vadik plans to host this show in Minsk Belarus then tour to other regions and cities. After he wants to take his show all over the world.

Today we are seeking sponsors, volunteers, investors who have interest in the Vadik Raketa Show.

Contact Vadik today for more information on how you can support make this show come to life!